Most likely you’ve already heard about this fabulous country on the edge of Europe, with a sunny climate, stunning scenery, luxurious castles and very friendly and welcoming people.

Yes, this is Portugal, the country of beautiful landscapes, safety and good food! For instance, last year, Portugal won 17 Oscars of Tourism, including best beach in the world, best country for tourist destination, best city, best island, best hotel, and many, many others… Portugal is clearly trending right now!

From Lisbon to the Azores island, there are tons of gorgeous wedding venues that are relatively affordable and incredibly beautiful for you to get married in Portugal!

Here are some reasons why you should plan your Destination Wedding in Portugal:

1. The most beautiful beaches in Europe //

When it comes to beaches, about half of Portugal’s border is formed by its long Atlantic coastline (more than 800 km). Therefore there is a beach for any taste – from calm moon-shaped bays to rocky shores with world famous big waves; from kilometers of almost untouched sand to beach parties.

The most famous beaches of Portugal are located in the southernmost province of Algarve.

For fewer crowds, there is a huge selection along the entire west coast. Not to mention, once again, that some of the best beaches in the world are located along this 800 km! Enough choice for a beach wedding!

2. Old Charming Lisbon //

Having Tejo as it’s backdrop, this historic and sunny city lives inside a tale of traditions and customs steeped in history.

You can feel its antiquity walking through the streets, especially in the area of Alfama.

From the secular wooden electrics, to the colorful little houses on narrow streets, from the most beautiful bridges in Europe to countless gazebos overlooking the city.

Moreover, Lisbon is full of charm, a mix of historic works of art and modern museums and high-tech centers, here the century-old luxury perfectly blends with the touch of modernity. An ideal place where the past meets the future. To sum up, with such landscapes, your wedding photo and video bliss is guaranteed.

3. Taste of Diversity //

Portugal is a relatively small country, but one of its main characteristics is diversity!

It offers so much variety of arquitecture, landscapes, natural wonders, history, beaches, climates that you can definitely find a perfect wedding place that fits your taste.

The range of options is endless! From dreamy Douro Valleys to dry plains of Alentejo, from sandy beaches in Algarve, to mountaintops in Madeira or Azores, from aristocratic palaces in Porto or Lisbon, to boho hotels by the sea. The hardest part is to pick which of these marvelous places will host your beautiful wedding day. If you need help, Portugal has the nicest wedding planners to help you get married in Portugal!

4. Madeira- Europe’s hidden Hawaii//

Madeira is made of dramatic landscapes and botanical wonders! In other words, this Portuguese island is an European version of Hawaii.

Located among deep waters of Atlantic Ocean, Madeira is every couple’s dream who is planning to get married in Portugal, and is attracted by romance, silence and beautiful landscapes. The island consists of mountains and exotic gardens – no wonder it was called the “Floating Garden”.

Consequently, just imagine how gorgeous your wedding photo and video will be! Hollywood like landscapes in your wedding video.

If you dream of Hawaii, think seriously about Madeira. This option is much cheaper, closer and with a much smaller number of tourists (important factor for a wedding in an open space).

Both are volcanic islands in the middle of the ocean. Having high, piercing through the clouds mountains, covered with bright green foliage with waterfalls everywhere. This is the perfect atmosphere for a romantic wedding on the island!

5. Budget Frendly //

Portugal is an ideal destination if you have a limited budget, but dreaming to get married in Portugal.

Compared to France or Italy, your opportunities increase in southwest corner of Europe, which allows you to have your wedding organized starting with 1.500€!

It’s affordable, full of exceptional wine and food, gorgeous wedding venues and quality services. In case of Portugal, affordable doesn’t mean bad service or quality, you’ll get best quality for budget friendly prices!


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