Colin & Thelma // Tivoli Seteais Palace, Sintra

Sintra is a well-known UNESCO jewel. A perfect location for a destination wedding in Portugal.

Famed for its historic villas and luxury estates, for centuries it has been an icon of elegance, history, romance and luxury. This is why it attracts hundreds of lovers every year.

Tivoli Seteais Palace is an elegant five star Hotel located in the heart of Sintra. It is an exquisite place, a seventeenth-century palace wrapped in luxury and romance. Also  it is located far from the crowd, with a breathtaking view over the Moorish castle and the Pena Palace.

It was here that Colin and Thelma spent their first vacation together. A significant place for both of them, that made them come back to celebrate the most important day of their lives.

Colin and Thelma were joined by hundred and ten guests of twenty-two nationalities, from all over the world.

For us videographers, it was a pleasure to witness such diversity merged in one place. A multicultural marriage filled with emotion, diversity and happiness.

A heart full of emotions was captured on video that day. Every speech was so touching and emotional, that almost made us tear up. It was a beautiful Wedding at Tivoli Seteais Palace.

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