Kam & Shilpesh // Destination Wedding in Portugal

We cannot express in words how much we love this venue!

Quinta de Sant’ana is located in an old-fashioned Portuguese village of Gradil. While you take a walk around these narrow streets,  you’ll notice a wonderful country estate, surrounded by ivy-covered walls with extensive vineyards on the background.

As you enter this venue, you find yourself in a mix of a Portuguese & Italian country style, with a sunny and rustic environment, great wine, tasty traditional food and even some chickens casually walking around. Every time you look up, a group of white pigeons flies over a chapel with a bell tower, creating a movie worth scenery.

For us this is definitely one the the most beautiful venues around Lisbon!

Wedding at Quinta Sant’Ana is extremely charming, and these two dreamers couldn’t have found a better place to tie their knot!

Kam & Shilps are a hindu couple from England, that chose sunny Lisbon for their Destination Wedding in Portugal. The ceremony was so fun, it had two guests reading an adaptation of the Dinosaur poem to tell K & S love story, and later on, bride and groom’s reception entrance was accompanied by Indian percussion which became one of the highlight moments of the day!

This hindu cerebration matched perfectly the incredible energy of this wonderful venue! Wedding at Quinta Sant’Ana is an experience we will want to repeat over and over again! A big thanks to Pedro Vilela Photography for the amazing pictures!

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