Portugal is a deep sea of gorgeous wedding venues, choosing the perfect spot for your wedding may not be easy, but we’ll give you a hand!

We’ve selected some of the best wedding venues from all over the country. Let’s begin with our capital!

Lisbon is magnificent, bold and elegant. It is modern and creative, but it does not leave behind its traditions and historic background. Consequently it became so versatile, that you can easily find your ideal venue in the capital, in whatever style you’ve been dreaming of!

Here are some examples:

Solar de Pancas

Solar de Pancas, an historic building from late 15th century. It’s a perfect example of architecture that mixes elegance, sobriety and history. If you are looking for a venue to hold an elegant rustic wedding, this is it! A magical place with gardens, green facades and a beautiful chapel. All of this in the heart of Portugal.

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Palácio Marqueses de Fronteira

This venue is divine! The color contrasts, tiles, arquitecture centuries old, greek goddesses statues, luxury gardens, all of this is beautifully crafted in Palace Marqueses de Fronteira. Built in the 17th century, although it is still inhabited, it’s a gorgeous place to get married in center Lisbon!

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Quinta Sant’Ana

This venue is a perfect example of what a wedding villa should be! The Quinta de Sant’Ana is a cheerful property, full of valleys, gardens, vineyards, meadows, streams and a wine cellar where you can taste the best wines! Only 30 minutes away from Lisbon, this villa will add a Romantic Vineyard vibe to your wedding.

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Estufa Real

Who values a good environment, good food, nature and is looking for a wedding in a garden – Estufa Real is a great choice! The beautiful botanical garden from 17th century (the oldest garden in Portugal) hosted a restaurant in one of its greenhouses, making it one of the best places to get married in Lisbon.

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Pestana Palace

And of course, we could not fail to mention a 19th Century Luxury Hotel, considered one of the Leading Hotels in the World, situated in a historical area of Lisbon, with a breathtaking views over the Tagus River. Everything in this venue is aesthetically pleasing and luxurious, perfect place for those who are looking for a classic and glamorous wedding in Lisbon.

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Páteo Alfacinha

And to finish our top 5 list, this one is for Portugal lovers! Cobblestones, tiles, fado, portuguese festivities and sardines – let us recommend a place in the heart of Lisbon, which reflects its typical spirit and charm. Páteo Alfacinha is perfect for those who want a wedding “à Portuguesa”.

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